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When 2010 Ends.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on December 31, 2010 at 1:38 PM


On the last day of 2010, what are you doing?
It’s a beautiful Friday, and I woke up to see the sun shining brightly…
I feel blessed evidently.
And today, right now… I am gonna share some highlights of my 2010.
It will be an awesome post.


I started my day off with a nice, warm cup of chocolate.


Then I got myself comfortable for a good post about 2010.
I am loving it.





Here it goes:

# 2010 has been a hard year for me. But it soon shall be “had been”.
# Bad things fell on me, I cried, I was so sad, I was hurt and I was upset.
# But know what, I already said BYEBYE to horrible memories and only left the good ones.
# Nevertheless, I still HATE my secondary school to the hardest core.

Here it goes, the second round:

1. 2010 has been an amazing year.

I played my last b-division netball match with the girls that I have known for 4 years, training together under the hot sun and many many fun times.

My adorable niece turned 5 years old! And I see her growing bigger, cleverer and livelier every single day.
This is really beautiful.

Celebrated my brother’s 21st birthday and honestly, its a blessing having him around because he’s that one BIG idiot that will make everyone in the family laugh.

Lots of great birthdays this year! Desiree turned 16 and I prepared a wonderful birthday for her. Well, it’s wonderful because I spent a lot of effort for it – Mini Amazing Race, (i guess?)
And I am really glad she liked the present.

Malacca trip with Desiree was awesome. Tons of foods, drinks and shopping. I totally enjoyed it.
And hopefully we’ll be able to go countries further next time!

It was a very, very last minute decision but I caught the YOG closing ceremony with my Brother &his girl, and XinYing.
I can tell you the hosts suck and Singaporeans are NOT a single bit of spontaneous.
But I enjoyed the night because the athletes are so cute and I feel I should be part of it since I play sports as well.

2. 2010 has been a really fun year with people I love.

What you just have to know:

I had the most wonderful Christmas season.
I have the coolest siblings who never fail to cheer me up.
I have the cutest parents who give me a lot of heart enriching moments and make me feel I am the richest girl on Earth.
I have an adorable niece who stayed with my family for almost 3 good years and I enjoy her presence a lot.

I have a bunch of AWESOME girlfriends.
You know who you are and I totally appreciate all the times we spent together.
Bad year, bad things, bad stories… But you girls have made it a GOOD year, with GOOD things, and GREAT stories.

3. 2010 is a funny year.

Remembered the day when we were all supposed to have a workshop at the Woodlands library…
It was so effing boring me and Desiree ‘escaped’ after the lunchbreak to Marble Slab Creamery for some chillax moments.
This is what girls at 16 will do.

4. 2010, I TURNED 16!

It was a special birthday celebration with my girlfriends.
And it was special because I’ve known all of them for 4 years but I have never spend quality times with them.
We never celebrate my birthday together before.
But after shit happened, I can’t deny that old friends are best friends.
They are the ones who will still be there for me even when my eyeballs dropped from crying.

I really enjoyed my 16th birthday this year.
Sweet 16!

Love all the twists that happened this year.
And when 2010 ends, I will welcome 2011 with the biggest smile, greatest laugh and prettiest clothing.
2011 will come with a BIG BANG while 2010 goes off gracefully.

#Resolutions for 2011
1. Lead a healthier and soul-enriching life.
2. Not to fall sick at all.
3. Be a better daughter and sister.
4. Never to neglect all whom I love.
5. Never to cry for stupid things/people.


P.S: BYEBYE 2010! HELLO 2011!


Christmas Season with Love.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on December 27, 2010 at 11:40 PM

(every child’s childhood, @the mama shop.)

“Every Christmas, I pray the same prayer, I wish the same wish.
For all I want for Christmas, is a good year ahead. “


My Favourite Margarine.






Lovable Xmas Eve.

I taught my Brother and his girlfriend how to bake and we together baked a total of 4 heart-shaped cakes!
It was a splendid afternoon with lots of singing, joking and laughing.
I am really blessed to be able to spend time like that with my loved ones
and the cakes were delicious!

Night was spent pretty relaxing at my relative’s place. And I got a new bedsheet for the gift exchange!
I have a lovely niece and cute mum, and everything is GREAT.




Frozen yoghurt w FREE TOPPINGS. hehehee.



Woke up as early as 7.30am to prepare to meet my bestest old friend to her church for christmas drama cos’ it started at TEN in the morning.
It was a really cool day, and I love the feeling when her cellgroup leader prayed for me to sleep well at night. AND I DID.
Im feeling really awesome actually.
Anyway, I love the chocolate she gave me as my xmas present. ❤



No wonder we are cool people. HAHA.


New York Cheescake from Coffeeclub.

Humongous Muddy Mudpie.

Boxing Day.

Specially spent with my Sister, Brother and his girlfriend at East Coast Park, cycling for around 3 hours in the afternoon.
I had so much fun, laughter and we took really cute photos that I wanna share with the whole world. HAHA.

They have already become the few most important people in my life and I truly feel thankful for them.
Had a good sweat and the weather was wonderful despite fearing it would rain. (whatever!)

Dinner at Suntec’s Siam Kitchen and it was alright.
Apart from the three dishes we ate above, we also ordered Green Curry and Tom Yum Soup.
(Im feeling hungry now thinking of the yummy soups and gravy.)
Desserts at Coffee club is love.

2010 has been a lousy year to the core. And it has only gotten better in the month of October. Imagine the pain and sadness I was in before that… Craziness.
I am glad I survived all the heartaches.
And I have become a happier girl with all of the horrible people deleted in my memory. I became braver too.

This year’s Christmas is especially enjoyable with different fulfilling activities each day.
And I have really come to realise who are the ones important to me.
What a year of ups and downs, but a really good life experience!!
I am just happy the way things are now.
Though changes, bad or good, are inevitable, I believe I am going to handle all of them so well… and just be good the way I am.

In any way, I know how my life should be led.
What’s within me will remain, and I have just begun to feel what’s in there.



P.S: I just want to say, thank you.

Bits of Everything.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on December 22, 2010 at 10:37 PM

“Being a three-dimensional person, it’s inevitable to
laugh with pain since it is more complicated within.”



I believe it is his hibernating season that he actually dug a perfect hemisphere from the wood and sleep in it all day long.

It’s the festival for glutinous riceballs today!!
My mummy woke up early in the morning just to make sure they look round enough. (okay, im just joking.)
But she did cook them herself.
& I ate 10 of them! 4 of which were the black sesame ones(MY FAV!) while the rest were bullshit.
That’s what you get when you have to scoop them random.

Went for manicure and pedicure in the morning today and oh my, I was so vexed about what colours to put on…
So I chose GREENNNIE for fingers since I’ve always wanted to try that colour &purple that shines on my feet!
(girls are vain, i am vain. too bad. i know you are too. HaHaHa.)


P.S: Im having too many things green but i love it.

Beauty in the Midst of Mess.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on December 18, 2010 at 9:30 PM




Sometimes I struggle a little to find what’s hidden inside, because Im afraid it will not be what I expect, and disappointments will come.
I just wanna say, I am getting braver each time.

Time for Updates of My Week!!

1.Thats where I usually dine, it’s a little messy though, but I think it as a beauty.

2. How can you NOT love the tarts from Fruit Paradise?!?!?!
3. Very wonderful fruit tarts and it is not cheap, depending on the flavours, each can cost up to $7.80 .
4. Well, I got the tarts as a gift from a really sweet friend. He bought me 6 pieces one shot!! SWEET TTM! 😀

5. Siblings hangout in town, I love being around them cos’ they are the main source of my laughter and craziness. MADNESS.
6. My brother got his girl the newest iTouch(with camera which is so cool) and I am sooo jealous. HEH.
7. Tea-break at Jones the Grocer in Mandarin Gallery. Had a cup of Iced Hazelnut Mocha myself which was heavenly sweet and tasty!
8. Look at the beautiful art on the coffee, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE COFFEE… 🙂

9. A little something to end with: My childhood photo.
10. Look at that big grin on my face! Hahaha, makes me laugh now.

I enjoyed my week thoroughly, have you?


Taste, Sight, Hear.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on December 6, 2010 at 6:37 PM

Hello, I am back safely from my Malacca trip with my best friend and her parents. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip and it was very enjoyable with the foods and most importantly, the pretty buildings.

Day ONE:
Comfy double-deck coach and front seat made the journey there pretty comfortable and nice. We reached Malacca at around 1plus and checked in to this peranakan style hotel — Hotel Puri.

Lunch was at this place famous for its Laksa and Durian Chendol.
I tried the Asam Laksa which tasted a little sour and spicy. I am not a big fan of laksa but I must say this one tasted pretty thrilling. 😉

Then dinner was at Makko Restaurant where they serve Peranakan food. It was tasty, with tons of sambal. But I like spicy foods, so no problem for me.

Day TWO:
Hotel breakfast was nice, but the place where we had our breakfast was best. It is actually a garden airway and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my cammie down for breakfast.

Then this was the best part of trip. We visited the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum which actually belongs to a 100% Baba-Nyonya family and it was like cool to the max because of the design and the furniture in it.

That was also the place where Little Nyonya was filmed.

Sadly, they don’t allow photography so I do not have any photos of the museum. But I recommend all to visit it!!
And I have learnt some really interesting facts about the peranakan culture and so on.

-The biggest embroidery in the living hall took 7 years to complete by one person.
– Wedding outfits are to be passed down for generations and hence have to be well protected.
– There is the dark hall for ladies to stay in when male guests are in the hall and they can only peep through a really tiny space.
– One brick in the Master’s room can be taken away to look down directly to the main gate to see who’s visiting so that he can decide whether he wants to see the guest or maybe pour some water down.
– Different cutlery, plates and bowls are used on different occasions.
– And Nyonyas are really SHORT.


I had a fun time in the museum. I am glad I went there. 😉

Lunch was at this Portuguese Restaurant and they have really awesome mussels.

Night Market was nice and packed and I bought quite a number of things because they are really cheap.
Best part was the foods. Shared fried ice cream, fruit stick and egg tarts with Desiree and it was enjoying.
And then supper altogether, with Lala(clams), fried kway teow, coconut drink and some fried popiah.

What else, Des and I still “partied” when we went back to our hotel.
With crazy photos and chips. Loud TV noises and stupid stunts.

Breakfast was nice once again and lunch was also cool.
I had Mee Sua which tasted really good with the heavy soup base and the noodles practically melted in my mouth.
It is a coffee shop beside the Orangutan shop that sells T-shirts.

Went back hotel to check out and then waited at the foyer for our cab to the Inter Equatorial to board our coach.

Smooth trip back and good naps along the way.
Reached Spore around 7plus.

Personally I feel it was a simple but splendid trip, with sightseeing, eating things I have never tried before and night talks with Desiree.
Though the weather was erratic but it didn’t really spoil our trip.
So… I enjoyed! <3.

Our hotel before xmas deco.

Asam Laksa. YUMMY.

Durian Chendol.


I love old fashioned shops like such.

Tons of pretty, cheap hats.

Pretty flowers.

Seems like Sun is setting. Beautiful!

Long queue at the Asam Laksa store.

These are actually stools.

Trishaw that me and Des are always dying to take.

The streets.

I haven’t seen such merry-go-round for a long time already.

Bukit St Paul Church.

I personally really fell in love with this structure.

Lunch on the stone wall.

Donation tank.

View from the church.


Ice cream with Bestie at the old school looking shop. 🙂

Old fashioned shop.

I really love cars like that.

The 80s kind of ice pops.

Reminds me of old hongkong movies.

Love the Earth.

Beautifully designed door.

Liking the shade of green.

Our Calbee.

Place where we had breakfast on Day 2.

Xmas deco in the hotel.

I really adore the buildings and their colours over at Malacca. I feel like Im in love with them. In love with all the non-living parts.
Alright, more photos on my facebook. 🙂


P.S: I found my new loves.