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Picnic Girls.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 29, 2011 at 12:52 AM

Meet the Birthday Girl.

Blackforest Cheesecake from Bakerzin.

Candle that took FOREVER to get blown out.

Picnic ladies, taken by the Birthday girl cos’ she had no shades. :O

For making sandwiches.

For making us fat ladies.

The results of not getting in the waters. (:

Meet my bestfriend.

Spent a good day at the beach with lovely ladies that made me laughed so hard and ate so much.
Good God always gives me the chances to cherish people like them.
Love you truck loads!



random thoughts.

In thoughts on January 28, 2011 at 10:27 PM

im just gonna do some talking here.
to myself, for myself.
i always think i am not a very lucky girl, but i cannot depend my success or failure based on luck because it just will not make much sense.
i don’t get the best things all the time, but i do try to make things best for myself, with every little thing that i have with me.
at times i feel i don’t belong anywhere, but then, does it really matter?
i don’t have to belong anywhere to feel myself.
because no matter what, i AM myself…every feature that is etched to me, my appearance, my voice, my heart, my mind.
what’s important to me, will remain important to me.
and what’s not will remain not, though i can’t guarantee they may become important to me one day.

i have to be brave in preparing myself for all the coming challenges.
right now, jc life has just started, and i have to make sure i don’t lose my directions halfway. as scared and worried as i can be, i will never run away from the possible problems or struggles.

maybe after all, i am blessed with good things in my life, not many good people though but there still are.
i just wonder what really occupies my mind now. because well, if i am not occupied, this post will not exist…

Hello Sunshine.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 20, 2011 at 7:15 PM



I was alone at home last Saturday and I decided my old, ugly chair needed a makeover as well!
So… here you go,
My New-looking Old Chair. 😉


Then on Sunday, I went for an impromptu kite flying session after a fruitless shopping trip with Xin Ying that took place after church.
It was like 6 ++ in the evening when my Brother text me.
So the both of us were tempted by the fun and there we went!
I love the night breeze, and I felt like all my troubles were in yesterday.
Awesome people I spent my night with!!

This is the Caramel ice cream from Pepper Lunch.
I will more than willing compare it to the one at MOF, because this ice cream that costs only $1.70, is actually nice!
I can say it wouldn’t lose to that at MOF.

This was my dinner yesterday at Chinatown(yes, again.) with Xinying.
It was a random choice because this little eatery near the Outram Park MRT station is not very significant-looking.
But I gave it a try anyway.
Affordable prices once again!!

The above that went into my tummy was a set, comprising
1.Rice with Sunny Side-up
2.Mushrooms with Drumstick (there are other choices)
3.Veggie (there are other choices)

and I paid $5.50 for all of these!

For the taste, I would say it tasted really home-cooked.
A very friendly feeling and the Chinese waitresses were warm in serving too!
I guess all they want is just more customers. 😉

new Pink watch.
My favourite accessory for the week. 😉

Alright, last treat for all of you!!

What I Did Last Night Alone In The Room:
‘She’s Come Undone’ by Wally Lamb.

That’s all folks!


P.S: I read alone with a runny nose.

Don’t Overthink.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 15, 2011 at 3:38 PM


Some of the things that I like and I don’t.
– this clam chowder from Fish & Co. is not too bad.
Not that I have tasted a lot of different clam chowders… But this is just nice for my taste buds. 🙂

– the not-very-well-cooked mussels also from Fish & Co.
It is no where near chewy, in fact, it tasted a little ‘mashed’.

– the chocolate mousse that never falls.
well, i can only say it tastes like chocolate, nothing extraordinary about it.

– cheesecake from McCafe.
It’s too soft and creamy, not the best I have tasted.
I’d prefer cheesecakes to be sturdier and chewable.
(cos’ i don’t really like the idea of letting foods melt in the mouth.



I have something new in my accessory box!
Say hello to my little ‘time traveller’.
Apart from being pretty, it just gives me this very ancient feeling…
of, I can go past and present.


Personally, I love things colourful. But Green just speaks me.
To an extent, I wish I sometimes can be an old, old green tree that stands tall and mighty.
Get to see the view from the top makes me feel kinda good.

Anyway, I named this post Don’t Overthink because I was thinking too hard about the right title for this post.
Then I realised there’s really no need to think that hard because I am just gonna write whatever in my mind.
So there you go,
Don’t Overthink!

Have a great weekend!


A Little Treat.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 11, 2011 at 1:04 AM


The Sunday before getting results, I headed out with my beloved bestfriend for some shopping and I was determined to bring her to this Hainanese Chicken Rice stall in Chinatown.
Not because the foods there are the best, but because they are extremely affordable!! (in a harsher tone: really cheap.)
The both of us only spent a total of $13 on these:
1.Chicken Rice
2.Lemon Chicken Rice.
4.Fried Pumpkins.
5. 2 cups of lime juice.

Sounds good? Definitely is! Most importantly, the foods taste reasonable. Although it’s a pretty funny shop that sells side dishes randomly(shishamo is a japanese cuisine), but still… I will recommend it!



Two PRETTY things I bought from Diva at ION.
I am seriously in love with the ring. I can faint wearing it.
A simple oval design with orange colours that brighten my spirits up…
Pretty is definitely an understatement.

And I by accident found this ‘C’ necklace amongst the many, many items. Don’t you think it’s a really sweet thing?
C for Clara, or maybe… Clever Clara. 😉


Last treat of the day!

Come to think of it, Im really proud of this end-product.
Well, I love enjoying the taste of effort.
It has gotta be the most wonderful taste on Earth.

Anyway, my O levels results were released today.
I expected better results but I am equally satisfied with what I got because I know I should have put in even more hardwork.
Alright, finally another chapter of my life done.
It’s time to move on, time to look forward, time to make wiser decisions.
I am growing up. I am a happy girl. Right now.


Six Things I Did.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 8, 2011 at 5:03 PM


The First: Snapshots of my beautiful girl. She made me feel like a big sister, and I know I have to dote on her. 😉


The Second: Vintage flats that make me go so excited!! (bought it with the money awesome papa gave me. ❤ )


The Third: I woke up at 5 a.m feeling hungry and this is The Solution (not, The Situation, yeah. Hahaha.).


The Forth: I don’t know why I got so amused by this box of mushrooms but honestly, don’t you find them so round, so cute?
They look like a big family never falling apart.


The Fifth: Bought my Blackberry a new top. &it looks so refreshed now!

Before and After. (gonna decorate more elaborately after I get my pay. 😀 )

The Last: Spent my whole Friday clearing the old beds of my sista and mine, swept and wiped through the walls and room, moving the heaviest bookshelves all by myself, fought a hard battle with the Ants.
And there’s my new bed!! — Space saved, and my room looks more organised now.

Another awesome and fulfilling week spent!!
And next Monday will be my results day. Kinda stress thinking about it but whatever, I am just going to enjoy this last bit of my holidays.


Friendly History.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 3, 2011 at 2:12 PM


I’ve decided to start off today’s post with something really adorable and interesting.
Meet my new FAKE friend! (i’ve yet to give it a name, and I suppose she’s a SHE.)

My mummy brought her home last Saturday and I was startled upon seeing her because she looks so real.
The coolest thing is that she, whom has not been named, actually chirps automatically whenever she senses vibrations!

Haha, but now that I’ve understood her better, she becomes a pretty amusing presence.
Well, I’ve seen enough fake and disgusting souls but THIS one, is different…
Because she doesn’t back stab, and WILL NEVER backstab.
So you can see, it’s a good SHE.
It’s not some random bitches that will only have the fantastic “courage” to speak “OUT LOUD” behind people’s back.
Let’s applause!! 😉

Look at her!
Awwww. How cute. It looks so plastic and stiff.
But it has a good soul. Because her name is not Hypocrite.
Well, the Hypocrite I know, looks so real on the outside…
but I saw her plastic heart, bad thing.

Alright, I am done with condemning stupid girls. But the bird is seriously adorable I swear. 😀
Anyway, let me start posting proper.

I am gonna share something about my family’s past today.
Which means… OLD PHOTOS!
Are you as excited as me? 🙂

Say hello to my beautiful woman!
Because I owe my existence to her.
Wait a minute… Maybe I gotta rephrase my previous sentence…
Because I can’t exist without a spermPhotobucket.

Fine, I owe my existence to them(see below).

Obviously I don’t know how it feels like to be married.
But for them, I guess it’s just in a blink of an eye their 3 kids are all so big and independent now.
And just like that, my Papa and Mama have been married for a quarter of a century already.

This handsome young man here is my Grandpa, mum’s dad.
Up till now, he still travels on his own to JB, just to get a haircut.
Haha, he’s a cool man.
And now, a cool OLD man. 🙂

My Grandma!!!
She’s a fantastic woman! Always giving and lending others a helping hand but never, ever thought about gaining anything back.
She still has the most beautiful heart and engaging laughter amongst the people I know and I really, really miss her.

She passed away when I was 13.

So, this is my friendly history.
Or at least, my friendly family.
My mum brought these photos back last weekend and I had a wonderful time browsing at every one of them, commenting and asking questions.
Oh God, this is so beautiful.


P.S: I love things old.

We Say: HAPPY 2011!!

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on January 2, 2011 at 2:09 PM


Hello 2011, I spent my night welcoming you at the Marina Barrage that is so far inside. But it was definitely worth it because you brightened my night with the amazing fireworks and so much night breeze and lovely people.
2011, you are special. You brought me out of 2010, and led me to a better place. With you, even the sky seems bluer.
I shall repay all the efforts you have put in for me by spending a wise year ahead, and accepting all the ups and downs.
Thank you for letting me throw away my previous calender because it sucks. And right now, I AM READY FOR ALL THE UPCOMING CHALLENGES, HAPPY 2011!!

At Raffles Place train station while waiting for train to Marina Bay to meet Shaikah.

My favourite girls of all time! Because not only are they my girlfriends,
they are also my netball teammates.
And teammates = training together under hot sun, get tortured by coach, shared the same drinks, sweat the same sweat, love the same game, cry for the same reasons. <3.

I will miss you girls after we move on in our lives, to the different colleges.


In case you are thinking what this picture is telling you…
It’s telling you: DO NOT F***ing MESS WITH US.

But the truth is, we are VERY friendly most of the times.
Hahaha, stayover at Natasha’s place… Fantastic!

Meet Shaikah.
And you will thank her for all the hilarious moments.
I am serious. HAHAHA.

My awesome family.
From left: Brother’s girlfriend, the Brother, ME, the Sistaz, Sistaz’ Beau.

Lastly, HAPPY 2011 !

New year, new things, new love, new experiences, new stories, new friends… NEW LIFE.


P.S: im STILL finding that awesome night pretty short.