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Life As It Seems.

In Days Passing Like Breeze. on June 9, 2011 at 1:29 AM

Guess it just stopped raining, not hearing the raindrops sounds anymore. I’d rather it continue raining actually. I think I may just fall asleep faster.

Its June holidays now, I’m not exactly on task for my studies, feeling kinda bad actually. But I’m that kinda person I fear yet still procrastinate. What to do?

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with my JC friends. They make me so happy, really. I laugh a lot these days, though I don’t know whats ahead for me.
I always tell myself not to be too happy cos God may just take something away from me anytime soon. I kinda fear for that, cos its painful each time it happens.
Hahaha. What to do?

I’m so hungry now. Feel like eating something that warms my tummy. Mmmm. Alright, I still can’t sleep!! Are there better things for me to do instead of ranting stuff here?

Yesterday I went to the animal shelter w my class and Kristine. Really awesome and the dogs are so friendly. :’) I really want a dog, especially the beautiful Japanese Spitz…

Then headed to meet Gideon for lunch at Bedok. Mmmm, that bird, hahaha one funny bird. Kris and I laughed so badly.

Nope not yet, my day w Kris haven’t end yet. We went to meet Alden etc for dinner @ sakae sushi cos Ray’s going overseas tomorrow night.
So much foodies these days!! I know right!!! Gotta watch my weight already. 😥

Went pool with them after dinner, and I swear I suck at it. 🙂 hahaha all the others, ALL SKIP SCHOOL &that explains their pool skills. HAHA.

Alright, time to really sleep.
Hopefully I will study tomorrow. 🙂