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Under My Blankets.

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Its sucha…crazy week. Not exactly busy with revision though I’m really supposed to be hyped up w revision… Its a crazy week cos its 9days without my dearest boy w me. Then I had to be unwell for consecutively 2 nights due to tummy cramps, and I was so so so tired cos I didn’t sleep well 😦

So anyway, its a Saturday and I went out w my mummy. She is e sweetest person on earth, really. We went to eat and shop, and I brought her to e flea market cos I told her I wanna find something cool. Oright, didn’t really manage to find anything much… BUT when we got home, she took out two very very lovely and extremely pretty vintage dresses for me!!! she wore them when she was in her 20s…which is like eons ago HAHA.

I asked my dad if he saw her wearing that before and he said yes! ahhh, I felt so magical at that moment. Can you imagine? seeing ur daughter growing up into a young adult and wearing ur wife’s dresses? I really feel e warmth, having family love like that.

Actually, people do come and leave too quickly in my life. Only my family stays w me. And by e way, things are only gonna get tougher from now. With exams in 3 weeks time and I’ll really have to study very very hard. I’ll have to try my best.

At e same time, I can’t wait to see suraj!!!! I miss him so bad my heart is gonna tear. 😥 come back soon honey.


Once in awhile.

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