About Lim.


I make bad decisions.
I eat really slow.
I love to laugh.
I am afraid of lightning.
I enjoy adrenaline rush.
I have really bad sweet tooth.
I crazily adore dark chocolate.
I think Ben &Jerry’s ice cream is darn good.
I love Indie music.

I think tattoos and red hair are cool.
I think black & white is pretty.
Jeans don’t suit me. And I can’t dance for nuts.
I hate green peas.
I think guys who play musical instruments are very attractive.
Painting nails is one way I kill time.
I don’t have long hair.
I love moving around, and I perspire at an uncontrollable rate when I play sports.
I like to expect but hate to get disappointed.
I think waiting is a waste of time.

Hello, I am Clara.



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